Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Colorado is another amazing place if you love the outdoors. Skiing, hiking, river rafting, log cabins, beautiful views, ranches, Casinos and so on… Due to this, I am going to focus on more unknown pit stops then all of the regular outdoor activities that everyone is aware of already.

Pit stops:

Zip line through the Ponderosa forest near Durango, CA .

If you like beer and horses, mix the two by touring the Anheuser-Busch tour center. If you like wine go to the vineyards near Palisade instead (or all over CO really). Or if around Boulder, head over to the Redstone Meadery. Mead is wine made from honey! Haven’t experienced it? Me neither, so while in Colorado give it a try.

If instead of drinking, you prefer to drink tea, the Celestial Tea Company is located in Boulder, CO. If in Boulder this is a must stop for tea lovers. Celestial offers a free tour of the herb and tea garden and it is the largest specialty tea garden in the U.S.

Have you ever kissed a llama? Many companies all through CO have llama trekking up the mountains. So watch out for the spit and give a llama some love.

Sante Fe Trail is a long trail full of history of fur trappers and other western travelers and Native Americans. Along the trail you can also see pictographs, petroglyphs, dinosaur fossils, fire circles, etc. If you like fossils you should also head over to Dinosaur diamond in Fruita, CO.

Georgetown Railroad-take a train through the Rocky Mountains and stop along the way to visit the silver mines—who knows maybe you will get lucky and find some. There are also various gold mines all throughout the state of Colorado. Speaking of money, you can always visit the US mint in Denver.

Pikes Peak-The Royal George ibridge is said to tbe the world’s the highest suspension bridge. Besides that they have whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, museums, old ghost towns, rodeo shows, and much much more. You can even take the Cog railway up to over 14,000 feet high—so enjoy the view.

If you have ever wanted to try out the ranch life, head over the Zapata ranch where they have cattle, bison, and horses. They offer guests a little bit of ranch livelihood.

Lastly, if you are there during the snowy season instead of the ranch season, there are many companies that offer SLEIGH RIDES!

Basically as suspected Colorado has a zillion things to do- so hit Boulder, Denver, Aspen, and smaller areas to have fun during the day and be wined and dined at night.

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