Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Idaho = Outdoors. It is just one of those outdoor states, and honestly if you don’t want to waterski, snow ski, snowboard, etc, then you really should not waste your time in Idaho. If you are the type that thrives on adventure, then Idaho is probably the vacation spot for you. Because they are so outdoors friendly in Idaho they are just covered in Resorts—Summer resorts, Winter resorts, mountain resorts are everywhere, so you will have somewhere beautiful and scenic to stay no matter what part of Idaho you visit.

Just some of the fun places to visit are outlined below:

The Activity Barn Tubing Park in McCall has a tubing hill, sleigh rides, snow tubing, cross country skiing and more

Idaho Iceworld in Boise offers public ice skating and hockey leagues

Spud Drive In theatre- a classis American drive-in movie theater still in operation

Canoe Camp Historical Site- Lewis and Clark camped her on their expedition in 1805.

Dog Bark Park in Cottonwood- is a 30ft tall beagle that has a bed and breakfast and dog inspired gift shop

Idaho Botanical garden center in Boise is home to 13 gardens. Beautiful around Christmas time since they decorate the place

Idaho Shakespeare Festival in Boise June-Sept

Rotary International Rose Garden in Pocatello features over 1,100 beautiful domestic roses of a variety of colors and 16 ft statue of Chief Pocatello

Tolo Lake Mammoth Replica in Grangeville is home of six mammoths found near Tolo Lake.

There are hot springs all ovber the state—Burgdorf in Mccall, Challis, Downata in Downey, Gold Fork in Donnelly, etc, but Heise Hot Springs in Ririe has a 350ft water slide as well as fishing and golf next to their hot springs

Balanced Rock in Buhl is a rock that is over 48ft tall, carved by the wind that now balances on a pedestal only 3ft 17inches across.

Bruneau Dunes State Park is the tallest single-structure sand dunes in North. This park also has fishing, hiking and camping and Idaho's largest public observatory.

Emmett Area Fruit Orchards in Boise is known as "The Valley of Plenty" and is a favorite spot to hand pick your own fruit.

Hell's Half Acre National Landmark in Idaho Falls is a 5,200-year-old lava flow with paved walkways

Minnetonka Cave in Bear Lake is half-mile of stalactites and stalagmites in the largest limestone cave in Idaho. Open summer only.

Soda Springs Geyser is a sparkling waters geyser that shoots over 70 feet into the air on the hour, every hour daily.

Whether you like to fish, hike, bike, canoe, rockclimb, ski, or just sit by the lake Idaho has something for all friendly to the outdoors.

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